Day 2 - Around Cintegabelle

We awoke - eventually, after a very sound night's sleep - to a clear and fresh morning, and breakfasted under the trees.

After breakfast, leaving Meld in the shower, we walked the 50m to the Ariege river, and had a paddle. Of course, someone has to stumble and sit down - luckily I'd given my camera to Kim for safe keeping.

Back at the house, it was very tranquil and we sat and read (or wrote) - the girls started in the sun, but moved to the shade as the sun got higher and the heat increased.

Marie-Helčne, Pascal and Sophie arrived and made lunch, eaten in the garden, and M-H's sister-in-law (our neighbour here) joined us for coffee.

As the sun moved round the front of the house came out of the shadows.

After 4pm, but still very hot, we walked into the village by the "high path" above the fields. There were lots of little vistas of pan-tiled roofs and alleyways among the houses huddled around the hill (an old castle) which is at the centre of the village.

There's a windmill on the hill, behind the church, though not at the top (where there is a "Calvaire" or large crucifix). Unfortunately, the church was closed when we descended.

At the top we saw several stunning butterflies.

As we walked back to the farm by the low path, we passed fields of sunflowers, haricots verts and maize.

After a quick refresher (and a phone call from DLO Andover!) we headed to the river for a swim. It's a lovely sight.

Usti, the farm dog, jumps for water splashed from the river!

For the humans, it was a very pleasant way to cool down after a hot day.

The intrepid explorers cross the river back towards the farm.

Here diner was prepared. More home produce - tomatoes in all shapes and sizes.

M-H took us to see her dad's garden, with fruit and vegetables. Here he looks on as we all help pick haricots (verts and beurres).

Another fine meal followed, ending with M-H singing and playing her guitar.

And so to bed!