Day 9 - Monday 27th August 2012


After a slow start and a leisurely breakfast, we headed up to Peterborough Lift Lock - one of only 8 in the world.

You can walk through the structure ...

... and look out at the basins moving up and down.

The upper basin.

The gates which divide the basin from the canal...

...they fold down into the water to connect them.

It was rather wet.

A tug boat standing by below the lock.

After lunch, Rosie and Bridget went shopping while Aid and Meld visited the Canadian Canoe Museum.

So many different canoes - different constructions, different sizes.

A canoe as used by the Hudson Bay traders - massive cargo capacity.

A voyageurs' camp.

Many canoe builders were based in this area.

A folding canoe on a Model T Ford.

The Royal Canoes

Prince Andrew's canoe (he went to school at Lakefield in Peterborough County).

We then picked Derek up and headed to Woodview, stopping for dinner at Honey's Diner. Derek had his dinner boxed up, and the waitress drew on the box...

Happy faces!

Butter tarts - yum

Then, up to the cabin to say farewell to Brenda and Riley, and back to Peterborough.

Today's route