Day 8 - Sunday 26th August 2012

Julian Lake

Sunday morning, slow start... but eventually we're packed (it's not far from our room at the top of the steps to the car!).

An easy reverse of last night's route took us back to the cabin on Julian Lake, where Meld's Uncle Derek had arrived just ahead of us.

Derek's grandson, Riley, is mad about wildlife and was keen to show the girls lots of things, including the frogs.

Here's Riley with Grandpa.

After a burger lunch, we went out in (or on) the lake.

Please excuse the wonky angles - have you ever tried taking pctures from a canoe? Here's Riley, Meld's cousin Brenda, and Steve in the background.

A Bridget's-eye view of proceedings from the dinghy.

Aid in the canoe.

Just floating...

Hi Riley!

Later Steve took us for a trip round the lake on their boat. A neighbour has a float plane.

Even B was enjoying boating.

We weren't going this fast!

B snapped a black vulture flying overhead.

Then we saw (and heard) a mother and young Loon - shy waterfowl which feature on the Canadian dollar coin.

Looking back towards their property from the water.

The loons again.

A single male was preening himself, and we caught him flapping

Steve takes the steaks to barbecue for supper.

Brenda serving the steaks, now cooked.

The sun set over the lake.

So, after a lovely restful day, we move on to Peterborough. The hotel is right by the water, and considerably better presented than the previous one!

Today's route