Day 7 - Saturday 25th August 2012

Around Bancroft

Before we can go out, B wants her nails painted. The chair was an amusing coincidence!

We headed to the north of Bancroft to the Eagle's Nest Lookout

No eagles in sight today (spring and autumn are the times apparently).

...but an impressive view over the town and surrounding land.

"We were there"

From Bancroft we headed south west to Apsley then off on minor roads in search of The Gut, a provincial park with (apparently) a gorge. Somehow we missed it, but we had a pleasant drive, passing lots of lakes (they are literally everywhere, as are trees!)

We went on to the Petroglyphs Provincial Park, where ancient inscriptions in the rocks are a sacred place for first nation people.

There's a bit of a hike through the trees... the building that protects the glyphs. Photography is not allowed, but pictures can be found on the internet

Then a picnic lunch in the surrounding provincial park.

We were sitting just above a gorgeous blue lake.

Then, on down the highway to Burleigh Falls, where the Otonabee River tumbles from Lovesick Lake into Clear Lake. A chance to cool the feet.

There were quite a few people about - enjoying the sun...

...or enjoying the water.

It's a lovely spot.

Another way to enjoy the river.

Our way - feet in the water, top in the sun!

Some big birds flew overhead - look at that blue sky!

We've seen quite a lot of these huge cobweb constructions in Ontario.

Then up the road to Buckhorn, where the Trent-Severn waterway passes through a lock.

Watching the boats rise and fall.

After Birmingham's narrow canals, this lock seems huge!

We ate dinner by the water, accompanied by a local beer.

Randomly, a cowboy rode up, tied up his horse, and came for a beer. The Canadians were more surprised than we were!

The view over Buckhorn Lake as the sun set.

We then paid a surprise visit to Meld's cousin and family at their cabin on Julian Lake, and chatted late into the evening. We'll return soon for pictures.

Today's route