Day 5 - Thursday 23rd August 2012

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park lies east of Huntsville and is accessible from Highway 60 which runs across the southern part of the park. Most of the park is pretty inaccessible, reflecting its original intent, to provide a haven for animal numbers to recover from hunting 100+ years ago.

Even before we reached the park there were pretty lakes to see.

Having stopped at the Park Gate to buy a permit, we stopped by this lovely lake (Smoke Lake) and took lots of pictures.

A little further, we stopped at the parking lot for Mizzy Lake Trail - a challenging 10.5km hike where there is a good chance of seeing wildlife - but not in the middle of the day!

The path climbed through the forest, emerging at various lakes created by beavers.

Rosie was particularly entranced by the red maple leaves (we're in Canada after all!).

Another lake.

Let's all look at the lake - any life?

Bridget enthusiastically collected evidence that there has been recent life here.

A Great Blue Heron seen through the trees.

Rosie negotiates one of the obstacles that mean that a 10.5km hike takes 6 hours!

Bridget on fungus watch.

A monarch butterfly.

Walking the old railway from Ottawa to Parry Sound.

The beavers had fun up here too - this was our view as we ate lunch.

A painted turtle sunning itself.

Are you looking at me?

Wild water lilies in profusion.

Rosie chats to a chipmunk.

Mmm, nice snack.

The path ran between lakes.

More turtles in the sun.

Turtle log surfing?

Again, this is why it takes so long - most of the route involves walking over exposed roots and requires care and concentration.

A good example of a beaver dam.

The effects of the beaver dam - lakes.

Root route

Fallen trees on a lake.

A beaver meadow - where the beaver lake has silted up and turned into wet grass land.

The wet grass is home to - frogs!

And strange plants.

Luckily there's a boardwalk to keep the feet dry.

Our walking route

Walk complete, we drove up the road to Canoe Lake for tea and ice cream, and views of the lake (which is much bigger than you can see here).

Today's route

And so, back to Huntsville, dinner at East Side Mario's (New York Italian), and bed.