Day 2 - Monday 20th August 2012

Tobermory and Flowerpots Island

Early morning visitor - hummingbird on the feeder outside the dining room window.

James drove us into town for a little tour, and we walked to the National Park Visitors Centre, where there is an observation tower.

Rosie was especially pleased to have made it all the way to the top, despite the fact that the steps were all wire grilles and you could see all the way down!

Heading back to the car we saw a butterfly, who looked quite plain at first, until the light picked up the colours.

Walking back to the car.

We stopped above Little Tub (the smaller harbour) to see the boats.

Chi Cheemaun, the ferry to Manitoulin Island, the continuation of Highway 6.

We walked around the harbour, looking at the shops, and made a note to return to the Ice Cream Shop.

Back at the cottage, we had lunch on the deck.

A bird flew over as we finished lunch.

We took a boat trip to Flowerpots Island. First visit was to Big Tub harbour, where we sailed over wrecks, clearly visible beneath the surface of the water.

The wreck of a steamer which caught fire in Little Tub and was dragged here to preserve other property.

A Canadian Coastguard patrol boat.

Big Tub Harbour

Lighthouse at the entrance to Big Tub.

The boat, which took about 60 passengers, was fast, once we were in open water.

Braced to catch the action!

Our boat on its return journey, after we had landed on the island.

One of the "flowerpots" from which the island gets its name.

The rocks were slippery!

The girls cool their feet.

The rock almost look like building blocks!

Rosie does ballet on the clifftop!

The toilet near the lighthouse is termed "loo with a view".

It lived up to its name!

The girls have a brief sit-down (while their aged parents used the facilities).

A squirrel on the path.

Walking back through the woods, Rosie, with her designer's eye, liked the patterns of the leaves and fruit against the sky. Expect a design based on this before long...

Back near the dock, waiting for our boat, we paddled in the lovely clear water. (Sadly Aid kicked a rock and seems to have broken a toe - oops!)

The water was beautifully clear and blue.

Another squirrel, near the dock.

Heading back, even B enjoys the speed.

Sun, water and speed - we like it!


Where we went

Back in Tobermory, we bought ice creams at the previously-pictured shop.

At the cottage, we found James preparing sweetcorn on the porch, which we later ate for supper along with lake trout. Awesome food, beautiful place, great company, only sad that Teresa is not here.

After supper we went to Singing Sands Beach for a night walk organised by Parks Canada. The sky was impressive as the sun set. The walk was interesting, but rather targeted at children. We saw fireflies, shooting stars, a satellite leaving an iridium trail, the milky way, and more stars than you can shake a stick at.

Where we walked