Day 14 - Saturday 1st September 2012

Kingston and Toronto

Our final day in Canada. Packed, car loaded, we headed to Kingston, stopping first at Fort Henry, built to guard the entrance to the Rideau Canal. Looking across to Kingston from the Fort approach.

Inside the fort, the soldiers were doing shooting practice.

Rosie interested in detail.

One of the officer's rooms (the ensign's I think)

The commandant's room - communications bound in red tape (i.e. pink ribbon) on the desk.

The officers' mess, with the Queen's colours and the Fort Henry colours.

The soldiers' accommodation.

Gun crew returing after firing the cannon at noon.

After the firing, a soldier explains how the cannon works.

Cedar Island, just off Fort Henry.

Inside the Fort

B on duty

Kingston town - a mix of old and new, cathedral dead centre. The cannons could hit the cathedral.

Fife player

We drove across and had a picnic on the waterfront (Wolfe Island beyond).

The Wolfe Island Ferry.

We were entertained by 2 girls trying to balance on their paddle boards.

A head stand was never quite achieved, but there were some good splashes.

Seagull on a memorial to refugees from the Irish famine who died of typhus in sheds here at Kingston.

Kingston Yacht Club

We then drove on to Toronto to visit cousin Philippa, who took us for a walk round "the 'hood", an area known as Cabbagetown.

With second-cousin Sarah (visiting her aunt).

Interesting windows.

Peaceful streets

Walking with Philippa. The yellow sign refers to Riverdale Farm, a city farm which we walked past.

And then, after supper supper, we headed to Pearson Airprt, gave back our car, stood in line to check in, and flew home.

Where we went