Day 13 - Friday 31st August 2012

1000 Islands

A slow start today, when we head to the dock to investigate boat trips. We'd hoped to visit Boldt Castle, which is in USA, but although we all have ESTAs the technology hasn't reached this far so we'd have had to have bought 3-month visas. Loathe to pay more money to the US government, we booked the non-landing cruise through the islands.

First island - covered in cormorants.

This one has an osprey nest tray on it.

The islands vary in size - to be counted an island must have 2 trees on it.

The St Lawrence is a boater's paradise.

Most houses have a boathouse too, of course.

Fun on the water.

One of the old lighthouses.

A cormorant flies past.

Idyllic - as long as you like boats!

The US side is rather more densely populated.

And sometime even more densely...

Osprey nesting on a light post.

The bridge from Hill Island to mainland New York State.

More population on the US side.

More watersports.

Nearly everyone has this style of chair, and the girls liked these colours.


Not everything is pristine...

...but it can be rebuilt.

US Coastguard boats.

This is rather grand.

The USA have laid claim to this strategically important rock.

Boldt Castle.

A Vulture flies past.

B catching the vulture.

Osprey on a post.

Church on the Canadian mainland.

Statue of St Lawrence (watching over his river) further upstream.

The bridge from Canada to the island.

Yep, Canadian bridge.

Viewing tower on the island.

More colourful seats.

A seagull flew alongside - overtook us - and then dropped back, tired.

This is fun!

Enjoying the cruise - B still looking for birds...

Ospreys nesting on a light - parent has brought fish for the young.

Half eaten...

More construction equipment being moved.

Heading back to the dock.

A caravan on 2 canoes with an outboard motor??

Gananoque - swing bridge, Catholic church (with decorative roof) and clock tower.

Where we went

A sailing boat passes the dock.

Memorial garden.

Heron, rock hopping.

The park.

Locomotive 500, which used to run on the 1000 Island line, mainly as a shunter.

Lost - Meld and B found a bookshop.

That's all for today.