Day 12 - Thursday 30th August 2012

Gatineau to Gananoque

We got going reasonably early and headed south. Well, not quite south as the TomTom wanted us to go the long, fast motorway route. Eventually we disagreed and cut back to the more direct cross-country highway.

Breakfast place - Winchester!!!

We headed to Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg (like Heritage Park in Calgary or Weald and Downland in Sussex, a collection of historic buildings gathered in one setting). This one aims to recreate this part of Canada around the time of Confederation in 1867.

There's a train, but we were too busy to ride it.

Carding wool in the woolen mill.

Spinning the wool on a Spinning Jack.

The expert explains how everything works - they're all in costume and in character.

The steam-powered flour mill.

Setting a log up for planking in the saw mill.

Getting the info from the sawyer.


Wild flowers.


The blacksmith at work.


Matching pair!

The girls were amused by this sign at the cabinet maker's.

Inside the unattended shop.

In one of the farmhouses a lady was quilting. This quilt was made to celebrate the village's 50th anniversary.

Bert is brought out to work.

Horsepower is the transport around here.

Bert ready to power the saw - this kit was mobile and taken to the source of wood.

Rosie liked the printers.

Upper case and lower case...

Canadian fence (doesn't need poles in the ground).

Clearing up after making cheese.

Little birds in the poultry house.


Bridget with Zoe the Canadian foal.

Red Devon cow has something to say.

Tally Ho!

The tow scow (horse-drawn boat) and observation tower.

The pub - but no beer :(

The Anglican church.

Inside the cobbler's shop.

Inside the freemason's lodge.

The tin shop.

Lots of flowers and butterflies around.

Making a broom.

And then on our way. We stopped in Brockville outside Martin's late parents' house.

Down on the riverside, a large ship sails up the St Lawrence.

It was VERY windy.

One of the 1000 Islands - Tower Island (or Bridge Island).

Not property for paupers!

The bridge to the USA.

Sunset at Ivy Lea.

And so to Gananoque.

Today's route