Day 11 - Wednesday 29th August 2012

Ottawa - Canada's Capital

Early morning view from our hotel window as the sun rises on the Ottawa River's Chaudiere Falls.

Downstream from the bridge towards Parliament Hill.

Upstream - Chaudiere Falls, once a huge obstacle to navigation, now dwarfed and tamed by the hydroelectric station.

We walked to Parliament Hill, getting reflections of 100-year-old buildings in the shiny new glass.

An older church among new office blocks.

Confederation Boulevard links the key historic sites around Canada's capital and the process of becoming one country.

The older buildings are all rather gothic.

The police were having a photoshoot to show off their new vehicle in front of parliament.

Looking down the Rideau Canal (which links Ottawa and Kingston, built as a military venture to supply the British HQ at Kingston but now purely for leisure craft). The Gatineau Hills are in the background.

Bridget's friend Jess met us and guided us around her home town.

Part of the Canadian War memorial - echoes of Vimy Ridge.

Rosie loves her flower pictures - on Wellington.

A ground hog!

HM The Queen

Baldwin and Lafontaine.

We found Mounties eh!!!!

The Summer Pavilion.

Bridges looking upstream.

The Library of Parliament - the only bit which survived the fire of 1916.

One of the cats of Parliament Hill


Detail in the lobby of the House of Commons.

The House of Commons (it's green)

Plaque outside the library door.

The lobby of the Senate Chamber

The lobby's ceiling.

Jubilee window - Elizabeth II on the right, just celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, is the current queen of Canada, Victoria on the left was the first Queen of Canada and is the only other monarch to have celebrated a diamond jubilee.

Seats for the Queen, her consort, and the speaker in the Senate House (the Queen is normally represented by the Governor General)

Detail of the ceiling of the Senate House.

Another Government Building

Jess points out where we are on the map.

Great place for a theatre - facing upstream looking over the river and Parliament Hill.

With the giant spider outside the National Gallery of Canada.

This place is a strange mix of Britain and France

The famous ByWard Market

The so-called Obama Cookies (he stopped to buy some for his daughters).

Lots of fruit and veg, beautifully displayed, and other stalls.

The Rideau Canal, with the old Railway Station (now a conference centre) behind

Artwork on steps

On the locks - Chateau Laurier (a Fairmont hotel) behind.

Still looking happy!

Ethel resting on the new artwork near Alexandra Bridge

The bridge

Looking back up the flight of locks.

Part of the Canadian Museum of Civilisation

Her Majesty waves.

Totem poles in the museum

Looking up to the view point

Us on the viewpoint

One way to see the city - an amphibious bus.

Alexandra Bridge reflected in the glass.

Looking back at parliament.

Back at the hotel - the housekeeping staff always make the animals at home.

Meld makes herself at home.

B on the way back after much more shopping at Aeropostale

After a day on your feet...

After a Thai supper, we drove into town and saw Mosaika - a son-et-lumiere presentation of Canada against the Pariliament building

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