Day 9 - Friday 1st August 2008

Nelson to Fernie

A cloudy morning as we prepare to leave Nelson - and one last view of the North Shore Motor Inn.

It brightened up as we drove along the west arm towards Balfour.

At the Kootenay Ferry at Balfour, another passenger arrived by bus with his bike on the front of the bus.

A peaceful setting to wait for the ferry...

...and a chance to buy a second breakfast.

Loading the ferry, which takes about 80 cars and is the longest free ferry in the world.

Sailing out of the west arm and across the main Kootenay Lake there were good views to be had.

The smaller ferry makes its return journey.

The sky still looks moody.

On the east side of the lake we headed south with frequent views across the lake...

...and flowers by the roadside.

The southern end of Kootenay Lake.

The wide valley near Creston supports market gardens on the alluvial soil.

And there were lots of horses for B to coo over.

And a factory building log cabins.

At Cranbrook we stopped at the railway museum.

Inside the caboose - where the train crew lived.

The museum has historic carriages that used to run across Canada. This one was still in its modernised state.

Rosie waits for the Trans-Canada Limited tour - 7 coaches of 1st class sleeper from 1929, some original, some as later modified.

Listening to the audio commentary.

Chairs in various stages of repair.

Restored seating...

...and modernised.

A sleeping berth.

The ladies' room.

The exterior of the Trans Canada Limited.

Heading on towads Fernie we were rewarded with exellent views of the mountains.

And the Kootenay River.

More mountain near Fernie.

The view from our hotel room - Holy Family Church.

This is the place - Laurie thinks he's in heaven as the Subway is downstairs.

And so to bed - all in a line in 3-queen-bed room!