Day 7 - Wednesday 30th July 2008

Pulpit Rock, Kaslo and Ainsworth Hot Springs

Aid got up early and drove a mile or so down the road to climb to Pulpit Rock. It had rained heavily overnight and everything was cool and green.

The path zigzagged across the hillside, climbing 1,000 feet in a mile.

Every now and again there was a glimpse across the lake through the trees.

Near the top it got steep and slippery, but a rope was provided to make it easier.

From the top you get a good view of Nelson along the far side of the lake.

And of the little Nelson airport.

A desirable lake-side property below the viewpoint.

I was there too!

The surrounding hills were licked by clouds.

Back to base, breakfast, showers, then we all went out again. The car is equipped with multi-function gadgets holders.

B was equipped with a bear.

But when we stopped at Kokanee Creek Park, it was a wolverine she was talking to.

Laurie grew moose antlers.

The river in Kokanee Creek.

The west arm joined the main part of Kootenay Lake, and the views got better.

The Kootenay Lake ferry that we will catch on Friday.

Meld was out taking the pictures.

The road twisted along the side of the lake.

We reached the pretty village of Kaslo, where the view north across the lake catch the eye.

Just look at those mountains.

Laurie tries a new cure for snoring.

We visited the Moyie, a sternwheeler that used to operate on the lake. B and a Model T Ford.

Examples of freight on board.

The whole ship.

B in the ladies room on the adjacent ship.

View from the rear.

The luxurious interior of the Moyie.

A loon in the lake.

In the village, Laurie tried a hat.

Aid took some pictures of heritage buildings.

The Catholic church.

Not clear if this is new or refurb.

Oh dear, where has Meld gone?

A retro gas station.

The village hall.

We stopped at Ainsworth Hot Springs, where Meld wanted to take the waters and an unimpressed Rosie was persuaded to join her.

She looks happier in the water - 37 degrees!

Out they get.

B and Laurie waiting.

Coffee Creek where we stopped on the way back.

The lake in the late afternoon sun.

And so back to Nelson, shopping, supper and (soon) bed.