Day 6 - Tuesday 29th July 2008

Around Nelson

There comes a time for a bit of "domestics", and today was one of those days. After a leisurely start we headed down town to the Laundromatt.

While the wash was underway, Meld and Aid strolled down towards the lake, but we were on the wrong side of the CPR tracks.

The wash was done - time for drying.

Meanwhile Aid and Meld were down by BOB (Big Orange Bridge) which links Nelson town with the North Shore and carries Highway 3a.

Here we also saw the famous Streetcar 23.

We passed several interesting houses in the residential roads.

Back at the laundry, Rosie, Laurie and Bridget emerged with the clean clothes.

After a visit to Safeway and lunch back at our motel, we went down and rode on the streetcar.

The sign didn't stop one young man strolling along with his headphones on - in his own little world, and nearly hurried to the next.

The history of the streetcar is interesting.

The Car Barn where the streetcar spends the night.

Our gang on the tram.

We then went to the tourist office and set out on a walk around Nelson looking at the many heritage buildings - mostly from the turn of the 20th century.

It's only low 20s here today - seasonal average is high 30s - but snow??

The place at which we ate last night.

Same architect as Empress Hotel and Parliament Building in Victoria

A local bus

Rosie tries a new hat.

And B joins in, of course.

Rosie and her popping candy

We all liked this outdoor store

Back at the hotel we heard the train working its way up the valley and hurried across BOB to get pictures.


A moderately long rake of waggons.

Then back at the motel we saw a bald eagle above the lake.

Supper was cooked in our room - huge pizzas from Safeway.

Accompanied by products from the BC Liquor Store :) .