Day 5 - Monday 28th July 2008

Osoyoos to Nelson

The day started early for Aid & B who went horseback riding beside Osoyoos Lake, in Canada's only desert.

The ride afforded good views of the resort on its sand bar across the lake.

And of the sagebrush countryside alongside.

It was dusty on the trail - especially when loping or galloping

Better when walking

The gas pipeline markers also showed the end of our quarter-mile gallop

Back to the stables.

Then back to the motel to find the others only just getting up! We packed, had breakfast at Tim Horton's,shopped for lunch, then headed west on Highway 3 once more. As we crossed the lake we stopped for the view - a fun water feature...

...and the waterspors that draw everyone to Osoyoos.

Climbing out of Osoyoos we stopped we stopped at Anarchist Lookout for the views over the lake and the town.

And also of the hills around - there seemed to be several observatories, probably because of clear skies and low light pollution on the hills.

First stop - a picnic site for the loo (and we'd only gone 5 miles!) and to read the guide book.

The country side soon changed from sagebush desert to grassy hills with a few trees.

At this stage the road was pretty quiet.

Still a fair way to go, even though the day is only half as long as yesterday.

Lunch stop was at a campground at Boundary Creek Provincial Park, alongside the Kettle River, with pretty seedheads to photograph.

And pretty patterns in the water.

A chance to cool off those hot feet

Or just look at the views

Stay clear of Rosie!

Greenwood was an old mining town (with a museum thereof) and looks like a typical "wild west" town.

Further on down the Kettle Valley we pulled over to let the queue pass us (we were trying to look at the views) and stumbled upon this path to the Cascade Falls. This is Laurie in hiking mode.

And this is Laurie and I looking over the edge for the falls below.

And this is what we saw.

It's an impressive gorge - totally unfenced.

This is the higher ground beside the falls where the spring melt obviously runs through.

I crawled out to peer over the edge.

Downstream the river looks much tamer!

Then it opens out into Christina Lake.

Still a fair drive to Caslegar then on to Nelson. As we approached Nelson 3 fire trucks hurried in the other direction.

Ad they were mending the road.

And so to the North Shore Motel in Nelson - or rather, across the Orange Bridge from Nelson - where we have more space that Osoyoos but less than Richmond (but it's the least expensive of all). Dinner was downtown at Jackson's Hole and Grill - the best dining experience of our trip so far!