Day 3 - Saturday 26th July 2008

Grouse Mountain

The morning after - the car park empty again after the revellers had left.

Today we would visit Grouse Mountain, in the north of Vancouver, which meant a drive through the city. Along West Georgia Street we passed various galleries and this piece caught our eye.

Through Stanley Park on Highway 99, then over Lion's Gate Bridge

And so to Grouse Mountain (or at least, to the foot of the mountain!)

There were wolves - not on the loose though!

Aid decided to hike up Grouse Grind while the other took the cable car...

...and the cable car won.

Rosie and Laurie at the top

Meanwhile Aid struggled on...

...and on...

...and on

Others took the view...

... but he eventually made it!

The GPS showed the climb - but the batteries were suffering from low charge!

Rosie and Laurie found a friend

Lots of wood - and lots of carving at the top.

At the lumberjack show - doesn't look too difficult...

...until you see where he is.

Axe throwing

Cross cut sawing

Chain saw carving

Log rolling

This is grizzly bear country...

Are you looking at me?

And birds of prey

The view north

B on the ski lift down...

The view ahead

Looking over the city (it was rather hazy)

The girls on the way back up

B found a little birdie

Up towards the summit

More carvings

View over downtown

We went down on the blue lift

Team photo at the bottom

Back into Vancouver, lots of traffic, this guy was trying to get to the music festival sponsored by

We took the road around the west of Staley Park, with views like this.

The crowds were gathering for the firework festival - this is the launch barge - so busy we decided to give it a miss

Back through the city to Gastown and Chinatown, just viewed from the car

Then out to Steveston again, but you couldn't see much of the Buddhist temple.

So to Boston Pizza for dinner - B was tired.

But we were happy

Back towards the hotel we passed the lantern festival

And went down to the Fraser River (yards from the hotel) and saw the lights.

And so to bed...