Day 2 - Friday 25th July 2008

Vancouver and Steveston

We all slept pretty well in our huge beds. B and Goz had a visit from Barnaby Bear

After breakfast, Ian, Sally and Alex arrived and we headed into Vancouver to Kitsilano Beach (it being too hazy to go up Grouse Mountain). We parked and walked along the waterside path.

There's a huge open-air swimming pool, with a view across the water to downtown and the mountains beyond..

Rosie was particularly taken by this weather vane by the pool.

A clasic view of lumber-strewn beaches with downtown beyond.

This is the land of totem poles.

Laurie wanted to capture the Canadian Flag against this Canadian city.

All the small boats huddle under the bridges - Burrard in the foreground, Granville beyond.

What am I on about?

Boats, still water, pretty reflections .

Another totem pole

The fishing fleet - you could buy fish here.

The underside of Granvile Bridge as it hops onto Granville Island (it doesn't stop on Granville Island but goes over the top).

On Graville there's lots of activity, including entertainers of various kinds.

Inside the Granville Public Market where we bought various foods for lunch...

...Which we ate outside.

Barnaby Bear joined us for lunch.

We then took a little ferry, first to the Aquatic Centre...

...then to the Maritime Museum.

Back to the cars, then through the Friday afternoon traffic south to Steveston.

As we waited for Ian, Alex and Meld a huge ship passed by along the beach - this is the entrance into one arm of the Fraser river delta.

Pretty houses on the edge of Steveston.

Steveston is a fishing port; this cannery closed and is now a museum.

Now there are lots of cafes and restaurants along the waterfront,

Ian and Sally.

Ian, Sally, Alex and Aid went for a walk leaving the others to explore Steveston. As we headed for the ocean another ship was entering the river mouth.

Much of this land is reclaimed from the sea...

...flat and level.

Back in Steveston we met up again, had dinner in a restaurant which met everyone's needs (burgers, sea food, etc...) then said our farewells to Ian, Sally and Alex.

And so back to our hotel. Rosie and Laurie watched the huge car park fill to capacity as the locals came out for the various entertainments available on this site.