Day 15 - Thursday 7th August 2008

Niagara to Toronto

Aid took a pre-breakfast walk down to the Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls - no-one around, you can get cose to the "drop".

Meld, Aid and B went on "Journey Behind the Falls" where you go down through the cliff and emerge on a terrace beside the fall. Here you look up at the falls!

Ponchos ar provided, because you get wet!

But it's fun!

Notice states the obvious.

Hi B!

Rather more people around when we emerged.

Barnaby Bear was there!

Meanwhile Mary & Katherine went on the Maid of the Mist and sailed below the falls.

We all met up again...

..and headed to Denny's for brunch.

Aid, Rosie & Laurie walked to America to see the falls. On the way we saw a London bus - and another which went to Laurie's house.

The Rainbow Bridge crossing the border.

That's where we're going!

The view from the bridge - both falls and the skyline.

The falls from the bridge.

The American and Bridal Veil falls.

Ameican Falls close up.

...and closer.

The US side is a big park, with trolleys moving passengers about.

The river above the falls.

Looking over the American Falls.

Looking down at the people getting wet on the US side.

The US side of Horseshoe Falls - a very wet place to be (lots of spray)

Looking across Horseshoe Falls

The river again, between Goat Island and the US mainland.

A squirrel as we leave USA.

A butterfly back in Canada.

We all met up again and drove to Niagara on the Lake - a quaint little town with interesting buildings.

Including a Cows shop

Interesting crafty stuff.

Dinner at Fournos.

Then a busy drive down the QEW to Toronto (with lightning over the Lake as we approached Toronto)

The view from our hotel