Day 14 - Wednesday 6th August 2008

Calgary to Niagara

An early start to head from west to east: got away almost on time but soon hit rushhour traffic that wasn't there on Monday - not used to traffic jams! But the traffic moved and we were at the airport on time, and before long heading east.

Landing in Toronto we passed the airport, turned over the city and landed to the west, so we got a view of downtown from the air.

We met up with Mary and Katherine, took ages to get the hire car, and headed south west towards Mississuga, Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara. The traffic was heavy, driving in convoy was challenging, and a traffic incident didn't help the flow.

The road heads around the west end of the lake, over big bridges, and south to Niagara.

Very close to the border.

Anyway, we made it to Niagara Falls, checked into our hotel easily, and went for a stroll. These are the American Falls (buildings behind in Niagara Falls NY USA)

One of the "Maid in the Mist" boats.

The Ethels.

More of us by the falls.

The Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

We went to eat - Hard Rock cafe was full :(

Up through the town we walked...

Accommodation for pilgrims!

We found somewhere to eat (seemed appropriate given favourite film of the moment)

View from the restaurant.


More lights near our hotel

American Falls by floodlights

Filters changed

Canadian Falls also by floodlight

Another filter change

Skylon Tower and Floodlights

The bridge all lit up

And so to bed...