Day 13 - Tuesday 5th August 2008

Calgary Olympic Park

Today we visited the Olympic Park, which was closed when we visited 3 years ago.

Rosie getting in the spirit.

They're all winners!

The museum's raison d'etre.

Skis for different sports.

Laurie tries the skiing machine

The Jamaican bob sled - the team (all fast sprinters) hadn't seen snow before!

Winning again.

Laurie's first ride on a ski lift.


Our welcoming party

Massive flagpole on top of the hill - although when you get to the top there are houses just behind the ridge!

The 3 main ski jumps.

Downtown from the top of the hill.

The big ski jump from below.

The upper part of the ski jump tower.

Laurie emulates the walking pedestrian

Rosie does the Canada Olympic Walk

Into the ski jump tower.

The view from the start - this is what greeted Eddie the Eagle in 1988.

You can go down on a zip wire - if you're brave (and rich) enough

The big jump dwarfs the smaller ones.

Laurie investigates the star of the bob sled run.

The way down

Ready for the off!

A demonstration of how they chill the track - liquid ammonia is pumped through the pipes, keeping it frozen in ambient temperatures up to 30°C.

In summer the hill is used for mountain biking - these little kids were on the paved road.

This one not on any road at all!

Rosie and Laurie on the way down.

Bridget and Meld pass by.

Another bike in the air.

Rosie protects Laurie's nose.

2 enthusiasts on the zip wire.

Laurie managed to buy a Quatchi - symbol of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

B cuddles another Quatchi

A last look at the hill.

This sign on Sarcee Trail summarises modern Calgary - "New Communities"

And so to Chinook - a huge shopping Mall at the junction of Glenmore and Macleod Trails. We didn't buy much - just an extra suitcase.

And so back to the hotel, a swim, supper from Safeway, and packing for tomorrow's early start.