Day 12 - Monday 4th August 2008

Calgary - Zoo and Tower

Today we would visit Calgary Zoo. It proved easier than expected to get there - Macleod, Anderson and Deerfoot Trails and some back roads brought us to the west gate. But the car park was already full, so we had to park so little distance away and walk over 12th Street Bridge...

...which offered a good view of downtown.

Inside the zoo we soon found flamingoes which of course reminded us of Sally (though she won't want to be reminded and Alex will be in trouble again!).

Fallow Deer.

Now in the "Canadian Wild" section... Bear

Prairie Dog(s)


Bald Eagle.


American White Pelican.

Little owls

River Otter - diving

Frog (Northern Leopard Frog I think).

Laurie gets eaten by a bear.

Musk Ox

Wood Bison (bigger than a Plains Bison)

Caribou ("No, out there nibbling at the hoops..." if youre a Monty Python fan!)

Baby Caribou.

Big horned sheep.

A duckling for Laurie's mum.

Big owl up a tree.

I'm watching you...

Mountain Goat.

Small horned Big Horned Sheep.

Bigger horned Big Horned Sheep.

Red tailed hawk taking luncheon.

Another raptor.

Horned owls.

Moose in the grass.

Moose in the field.

White-tailed deer.

Zebra-hatted Ethel (very rare).


After lunch - Africa. Red River Hog.

Hippo diving.

Can't put a name to this chap.

Meercat - cute but not very decorous!

African Spurred Tortoise.

Reticulated Giraffe.

Piranhas and human arm.

Horizontal Zebra.

The zoo's buildings are impressive - this houses the rainforest.

Now Australia - Wallaby

Tree Kangaroo

Big Lizard




Indian Elephant and baby

Snow Leopard (B thinks)

I think it's time you left... we did. We drove downtown and parked near the tower (for $3 rather than $10 per hour!).

And went up the tower to survey the views.

It was pretty clear so you could see the mountains - it would have been better in the morning I think.

B on the glass floor.


Shadow of the tower on the Glenbow Museum.

A church

A grand old building.

The C-Train

We then had a stroll along the main street... far as TD Place.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Tony Roma's for dinner. That's easier said than done as it's on the northbound carrigeway of Macleod and we were southbound: getting back there proved a challenge but with TomTom we made it.