Day 20 - Vancouver

Well, we could have been up earlier, but we got going in reasonably good time and drive to Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park - a pretty slow 3 miles away (especially when two fire engines swooped in front of us and closed Georgia Street just because a hotel seemed to have caught fire). But we got there ahead of most of the tourists and parked easily just outside the aquarium (we didn't realise how lucky this was until we came out!).

Inside the aquarium we saw a variety of marine life: a sea lion...

Some seals...

The performing belugas

and the high flying dolphins

This sea otter was very cute

This one's for Katherine

This chap looks a bit snappy

We FOUND Nemo!

And lots of other fish

and other strange marine creatures

including jelly fish rather more alive than those we saw yesterday

One last look at the belugas before we leave.

We drove further round Stanley Park to get some lunch and took the view of Lions Gate Bridge (also, not pictured, Grouse Mountain on the north shore)

There were several men working right on the top of the bridge - not for me, thank you very much.

Further round still we met a family of scrounging racoons

The baby looked sweet, from a safe distance.

From 3rd beach the view is of the western part of north Vancouver

From there it was a simple drive back to the hotel (we should have gone that way this morning rather than via central downtown). After a cuppa we jumped in the pool: very refreshing, despite it's location, squeezed between two slip roads for Granville Bridge.

When we were eventually ready for supper we took a ferry over the Granville Island, and looked back at downtownn (you can see the crane which is close to our hotelm, but as we're only 3 storeys high you won't see the hotel!)

We went via the Public Indoor Market - lots of attractive food, a shame we're not in self catering accommodation!

We found a restaurant on the southern side of the island, almost under Granville Bridge and directly opposite the Granville Island Brewery. I had the (very) local beer, while the girls had these exotic looking concoctions.

The view from the restaurant as the sun set was tranquil.

After supper we mooched a bit more around the island, then crossed back by ferry taking the view seaward through Burrard Bridge.

So now, time for bed before our last full day in Canada :-(