Day 19 - Victoria to Vancouver

Last day on Vancouver Island: I got up early and drove down to Mount Douglas a couple of miles south. Although most people were parking at the bottom and walking up, I drive to the top, walked down and walked up again - same net effect, but I knew how far I had to go! The lower slopes were covered in tall pine trees (see picture) whilst the higher ground was primarily scrubby oak.

It wasn't the clearest morning, but you could see over the city of Victoria and the Juan Fuca straits to the Olympic Mountains, with a cruise ship entering Victoria harbour.

Over a pleasant breakfast in the garden we decided to go out for a final walk, and drove to Witty's Lagoon, where Peter outlined the plan of campaign.

We walked down through the woods

with views over the lagoon

including several herons

At the beach we pottered on the sand

from the furthest point we could just see seals on the rocks

Bridget enjoyed a paddle

The high-water line was littered with dinner-plate sized jelly fish drying out in the sun.

From Witty's Lagoon we drove back to Tim Horton's for lunch - Meld and Peter had the advertised iced cappuccino - "nothing chills like it" - and had trouble getting it to thaw enough to drink!

And so back to Muriel and Peter's for a quick clear out of the Beach House (unannounced visitors had arrived to use it), a final cup of tea, and farewells. We've had a great 4 days in Victoria - restful but not idle, and really enjoyed spending time with the family. We didn't want to leave, but the 5pm ferry beckoned.

Safely on the ferry we sailed through the islands

then across the strait to Vancouver with views back towards the islands.

With only a couple of navigational hiccups (both corrected with impressive manoeuvres!) we reached the downtown Vancouver Travelodge. Not stunning, but as it says, the rates re good and the location is central.

No sea view here, but the reflections in the building opposite are impressive.

For supper we strolled to Denny's a few blocks away, then down the the waterfront, looking here at Burrard Bridge and Granville Island.

And so, back to the hotel, here's hoping for a good night's sleep!