Day 18 - Victoria again

After an earlier breakfast (not leisurely today!) we split into two groups for the morning. Aid and Bridget went with Alex to visit a local stables where a friend of his helps out with the horses. Here Alex and Bridget talk to WC.

Imagine our surprise to learnt that the proprietors used to live at 41 Broomleaf Road, Farnham!

Alex's friends introduce us to Princess.

Bridget gets a Canadian Kiss from Damien (a 4-year-old Canadian)

Meanwhile Muriel took Meld and Rosie down to Victoria Harbour, peaceful in the early morning.

Arriving an hour early for the Harbour Ferry Ballet, they pottered around, visiting the Empress Hotel behind which this fountain is situated.

That's where this native art is too

This panel decorates the walls by the Bengal room

Down at the harbour, the dancing ferries make their entrance

Minden Rose could learn from these straight lines.

Abreast as well as astern

On the way back they stopped to see the children in a garden next to Anderson Hill Park.

Looking south towards the Olympic Mountains

After lunch the girls went swimming while Meld and I went to the Butterfly Gardens. Lots of butterflies...

We picked up the others and headed to Matticks Farm for shopping and ICE CREAMS!

Then home for supper - home-made burgers off the BBQ - and tea. Bridget took a fancy to the tea cosy!

That's all for today!