Day 16 - Victoria

After a good night's sleep we sauntered up the street to Muriel and Peter's for a leisurely breakfast in the garden: we were entertained by the dragonfly on the Malaysian Orchids (as well as the unending supply of goodies for consumption).

We followed a leisurely breakfast with a leisurely stroll on the beach - the sand was hot, but the water was refreshingly cool.

A heron went fishing...

...missed and skulked off in disgust!

Then an eagle on the rocks...

... doing a flypast in front of Mount Baker.

A seagull sat on the buoy (pronounced boo-ey)

Rosie was entranced by the placid scene.

Back at Muriel's, Bridget was quick to find the Pink Pop.

After a leisurely lunch (yes, leisurely again), Ian and Sally arrived and we sat and chatted in the garden for a while before heading downtown to go to the iMax theatre. We parked some way away and walked through the park.

After an excellent film we walked around the harbour, taking in the atmosphere and the views.

The harbour was buzzing with boats of all sizes and float planes.

From the lifting bridge we looked back at the mountains behind the city and harbour.

On the far side we posed for a picture

Walking back we saw more float planes landing.

We saw the restaurant at which we were later to eat (far left with balconies)

Bridget loves the little ferries

And here we are after supper - excellent view and good food but a bit dazzled by the low sun because the blind had broken.

Back at Cordova Bay, Rosie captured this shot in the setting sun.