Day 11 - Clearwater to Big Bar Ranch

We awoke to a calm day at Clearwater Valley Resort, and decided to do our laundry before leaving.

The girls had to say goodbye to Jerry the Moose.

The highway took us south down the North Thompson valley, then we turned west on Highway 24 which climbed onto the Cariboo plateau (confusing the sat nav as the road had been rerouted!). On the plateau the scenery was different, but still attractive. We paused by Lac des Roches.

Trundling along the highway we saw a sign for a rodeo - today - and turned in to take a look. For once our timing was perfect: we were 20 minutes before the start, just time to get a burger for lunch. Then the entertainment began.

First up was bareback riding.

Then calf roping, where they had to lasso the calf...

... then roll it to the ground and tie it up.

Next was bucking bronco

The idea is to stay on for 8 seconds, but it doesn't always happen.

Next was steer wrestling - the idea being to jump onto the steer and wrestle it to the ground (these cowboys were BIG!).

Of course, if the steer decides to stop you end up on the ground looking embarrassed!

Next was a variation on roping, where you just lasso the steer but don't have to tie it up. Here the cowgirls ruled.

Finally the younger cowboys tried steer riding - again trying to stay on for 8 seconds.

That was only half way through - but we had to press on. We took a scenic route via Green Lake.

We then stopped at Chasm - a gorge cut through the lava by a relatively modest stream.

As with those in Wells Gray, the colours and strata in the lava were impressive.

Then after a brief drive through Clinton we drove the 46km of dirt road to Big Bar Ranch...

... and were moved into the same cabin we had last time. Home!

At the ranch, the humming birds were still around, as were several nesting martins.

So, after supper and a game of Horseopoly on the veranda, it's time for bed!