Day 9 - Wells Gray Provincial Park.

So Hello and welcome to Goz's beak! Apparently I have to write that, but yeah hello, its Rosie writing today's "diawy" so apologies for any silliness (or bad typing!)!

The day started with breakfast and then we headed off into the park all kitted up with water and boots and a bear bell and our singing voices on to keep the bears away!

The first place we visited was Spahats Falls. This 75 metre high waterfall is carving a new canyon though thick layers of lava. A great "Awesome" sight to start the day.

Here you can see the different layers of wocky the wock wobler.

A view down the canyon as the river leads out into the Clearwater River.

We then moved on, passed a black bear on the side of the road that then proceeded to plod across the road but we unfortunately didn't get any photos. We then drove up an apparently normal just unpaved road, hmm..!! Where we came to this sign..

We carried on up the "rough" road, Dad seemed to enjoy driving the Jeep up some interesting tracks, Mother and Bebop didn't seem so sure!

So off we went on our little walkie, making as much noise as possible singing and jangling to keep the bears away but there were some pretty flowers like these wild lilies..

We kept ourselves going up the winding path by singing silly songs, it also kept our minds off being attacked by bears, with actions like Father Abraham and here "Singing In the Rain" even though it wasn't raining! (Sorry we can't come arrow cutting Patrick, but we're with you in spirit in these daft songs).

We carried on spinning over the bridge which Bridge wasn't too keen on! (I didn't mind it at all - B)

And then stopped for a rest where the nasty bridge gave me a splinter!! Rude!

We trotted on up the river..

our aim Philip Lake..

And that was where we ended up, Beautiful views but rather a lot of the Mosquito breed eating away at us so we didn't stay too long.

We returned to the car for the hairy journey back down that no-one but Dad seemed too keen on.. (Editor's note: the GPS in the middle of this picture simply said "nowhere near a recognisable road")

We passed a rather cuuuuuttteee Norman and his Mum in a field (Look at the cuuutteee little Norman, he was all fluffy and little and AWWWHHHH!!)

We headed up to Green Mountain viewing platform, In the middle, Pyramid Mountain, an extinct volcano.

The girlies admired the view..

Then after lunch onto Dawson Falls,

Another "awesome" falls.

Then we moved onto Helmcken Falls, this is the "Must see" of the park, and stands at 145m/ 500ft tall, over twice the height of Niagara.

Further upstream (25km on a gravel road) to Clearwater Lake, very peaceful with some little boats..

Then I found a Monkey in a tree..

This was Ray Farm, a farm abandoned in 1947, the land around Meadows and Boggy-bits.

Then it was home time, we passed a small deer on the side of the road but again, no photos!

So now off to put the page oonnnnnlliiiiinnee and off to beddy bies, off rafting tomorrow, Rosie and Aid white water rafting and Meld and B floating in a raft! (We must be mad! A.)