Day 8 - Jasper to Clearwater

Time to move on again - up and loaded, we head into Jasper for provisions and a very expensive envelope to send Laurie a letter (it better be worth it!), a final glance at Whistlers and Pyramid Mountain (below) as the clouds roll in from the south, then we head west on Yellowhead Highway, leaving Alberta.

As you enter BC from Alberta you leave Jasper National Park and enter Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Super Natural British Columbia welcomed us with a downpour!

By Moose Lake the rain had eased, and the evidence was fluffy clouds hanging around the sides of the hills.

We turned off the highway to approach Mount Robson - the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The Robson River (below) is fed from several glaciers on and near Mount Robson, and flows into the Fraser River and then all the way to the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver without any lakes in which the "rock flour" (the white particles of rock ground by the glacier) can settle out.

Mount Robson itself sits touching the clouds.

The height of Mount Robson causes lots of rainfall, which means everything grows, like these tall Western Cedars and the Western Hemlocks.

At ground level, there is lots of moss and ferns and FUNGI. Dad would have been in ecstasy (without eating any of them) so we've prepared a collection of fungus shots in his memory. Feast on these!


This butterfly settled on the warm path and posed for us.

We followed the Yellowhead Highway west, then picked up Highway 5 south - signed for Kamloops many kilometres away. It was a long road, with good views early on of the BC rockies

If I remember correctly, this was Canoe Mountain.

We then picked up the North Thompson River, on its way to Kamloops before joining the Fraser and flowing on to Vancouver.

As we headed south the landscape changed - heavily wooded hillsides all around. And the temperature soared from 12 in this morning's rain to 31 as we approached Clearwater.

The water had taken out a bridge on the highway

Rosie started to get bored by all the traffic passing the other way.

Soon though we were in Clearwater, booked in to our motel room (the top of this little block).

Spacious and comfortable...

A brief visit to the Visitors Centre, a very expensive packet of teabags, a reasonably-priced supper in the on-site restaurant followed by coffee on our balcony with the daily photos and diary ritual...

And now, lets try out the free wireless internet!

(Yes, it worked - you're reading this - so see you back here tomorrow!)