Day 7 - Around Jasper

It's amazing to think we're almost a week into our trip, and here we are back in Jasper 15 years since we stayed here with Muriel and Peter.

We awoke to sunny skies, and the view from our doorstep (literally) to Whistlers Mountain and the upper station of the Jasper Tramway.

We headed off to the lower station, a couple of miles outside town, and a fair climb up the access road. A queue had built up already, and when we'd bought tickets we still had to wait - the best part of an hour in total (should have started earlier I guess). Anyway, there were things to look at, and we were soon on our journey up.

As we ascended the other one went down.

At the top, the ladies posed with Jasper in the background (they make a big thing of the town being shaped liked the J in Jasper).

The Canadian National Railway runs through Jasper, and from the mountain we could see the trains creeping past. On the ground you know the trains are long: from the air you can see that one stretches from one end of town to the other. That is massive!

Up above the treeline there's precious little life, and those plants that grow are small and hardy.

Rosie and Bridget decided not to climb all the way to the summit; Meld went most of the way, but I pressed on to the top and got someone to take my photo to prove it.

Although it was rather dull and cloudy the views were excellent, just hard to capture! The snowy one at the back is Mount Edith Cavell

The red one (I think) is Terminal Mountain.

Back down, back to the cabin via the bakers, then lunch outside. Very leisurely - a chance to relax.

But we decided we should get out and see some more of the area, as we're moving on tomorrow. Patricia Lake was lovely - looking across to Pyramid Mountain

And south across the lake.

There's not much obvious life in this water - like the alpine plants, the water plants are quite petite.

On Pyramid Lake we saw a pair of loons - as featured on the Canadian dollar coin - and heard them make their distinctive cry.

On the way down we saw a deer

Who disappeared into the woods as other cars hurried past.

We then found the Maligne Canyon road and headed up. At the view point we saw a genuine chipmunk (the stripes on the head distinguish it from a squirrel) - and not much bigger than a hamster.

Maligne Canyon, as the word of the moment goes, was AWESOME - I remember it from 15 years ago, but had forgotten how impressive it was.

As we left the ladies found these seats and thought they should form a train.

And so, back to base, about to dash to town to try to upload the last 3 days of pictures.

There may be a delay until we're back online - not sure about connectivity ....