Day 4 - Calgary Heritage

The rain that was forecast for yesterday arrived today, but we decided to continue with our plan to visit Heritage Park, where many of the exhibits are buildings in which you can shelter. Getting there soon after 9 we not only got to park almost outside the entrance, we also got a complimentary breakfast.

After breakfast we pottered through a few exhibits back to one of the 3 railway stations, where we caught the CPR circular.

I'm sure Julian will want to know the loco details

See Meld's Train Video

We alighted at another station, near the exhibits relating to the pre-railway era - specifically the trappers of the fur trade epitomised by the Hudson Bay Company. A chance to dry out by the fire...

whilst listening to tales of the rugged life endure by the fur traders.

Then it was back into the rain again

Rosie and Bridget, rather bored with history, visited the donkey who was also a bit grumpy in the rain!

Meld and I visited the Livingstone House, the first house in Heritage Park, moved a few hundred metres in the 1930s when they built the adjacent reservoir.

A descendant of the original owner told us its history.

Outside the train continued to circle

Laggan Station was originally at Lake Louise

Some of the buildings that housed the early settlers were primitive, like this Sod House

After lunch in the hotel we were given a complimentary ride around the park hauled by this pair of dappled grey percherons.

In the loco shed we saw a massive snow plough (sorry, that's a PLOW here)

and the multifunctional Jordan machine - used for ditching, breaking ice, laying ballast and so on.

Outside the sun had come out

Leaving the park the girls regretted that we'd not used the park-and-ride so we didn't get to ride this tram.

From Heritage Park we headed west towards Bragg Creek - trying to retrace the route we used back in 1990, but without success. We ended up in a new housing development on the hill - excellent views west to the mountains and east to downtown Calgary, but very close together. We then headed north up Sarcee Trail to Highway 1 to the Olympic Park.

From there it was straight back to Boston Pizza for supper