Day 5 - At Big Bar Ranch

Another day, another ride. Today the sun is shining, and the horses are tacked up ready.

Soon we're all mounted. Rosie and Bridget are pleased to be riding with their new-found friends.

Leaving the ranch - true western style

It was a good ride. After lunch, Bridget persuaded me that we should do the afternoon ride, which was even better, but I left the camera back at base.

On our return, we helped unsaddle the horses and then to feed them (lobbing hay off the back of a pick-up truck).

After dinner we sat on the deck and watched the humming birds

while Bridget played football with the dogs

Here's the view south-east from our cabin

We took an evening stroll down by the lake, to see the beaver lodge - a massive pile of wood.

As we walked back, Rosie and Fiona were gesticulating - they'd seen a creature from their pedal boat. We sent Bridget out with Megan in another pedal boat, and sure enough it was a beaver. The fish were jumping for the flies (and the flies were jumping for us!)

So, back to the hot tub (hot chocolate in hand), then a beer and back to the cabin - to pack, and sleep ready for our departure tomorrow. The 35km gravel track beckons!