Day 4 - At Big Bar Ranch

So, we're here - Bridget's Holiday Heaven. She was up early and out to see the horses in the coral next to our cabin.


Then, after a good breakfast, we kitted up for the morning ride. Soon Rosie was mounted...

And so was Bridget.

We rode up high above the ranch, where we stopped and looked back over Big Bar Guest Ranch

As I said, Bridget was in heaven

Back at the ranch, wash off the dust of the trail, then lunch. Bridget was able to help with unsaddling the horses, then Aid and Rosie took a canoe out on the lake.

Now it's time to relax - Meld, a book and the veranda!

Now all I have to do is see if I can get an internet connection out here in the sticks!


And the answer is - NO! Everything should have worked but, after going through all the options the payphone flashed up "Thank you for using TELUS" - if only we'd been able to use TELUS!

After supper we'd booked a hay ride - sitting on hay bales on a wagon drawn by two black percherons. No 10-minute jaunt this - a full 2 hour ride around the hills above the ranch. Sadly we hadn't realised that it would last so long or that it would rain! But we enjoyed it and rode into the sunset as we returned to the ranch.

And what a sunset it was - this is just a bit of the view west.

Back at the ranch a camp fire was in full swing, and the "done thing" is to have your jeans branded (luckily they give you a thick pad to put inside lest you get your butt branded). Here's the evidence of what Dirk did to me...