Day 3 - Whistler to Big Bar Ranch via Lillooet

Another 7am dip in the pool - beautiful blue skies outside and the sun streaming in.

Then packing, breakfast, a bit of food shopping and off north.

We caught a glimpse of Julian's train across the lake

A bit further north, the river, chalky white, tumbles over Nairn Falls. As so often, the railway clings to the riverbank, and a train never comes when you want one.

And so to Pemberton. Great setting beneath the mountain, and an excellent General Store.

We'd driven into town, but more traditional transport was to be found.

From Pemberton to Lillooet may not be many miles, but it's a slow twisty road, offering some great scenery. This is the view from the lay-by where we stopped for lunch.

The road criss-crosses the river, on bridges with wooden planks as the road surface.

It's a long road!

And so the Lillooet - Mile Zero of the Cariboo Gold Trail. A long Main Street with an interesting museum and a fine setting.

Although much of Lillooet is newer, some historic buildings remain.

After Lillooet the road climbs and twists, at first following the Fraser river and the railway, then cuts off east to join the main road north from Lytton. A faster drive to and through Clinton, then turn off for 37km of gravel road to Big Bar Guest Ranch. Here's our cabin in the evening sun.