Body clocks totally confused, the day started at 06:55 in the gym, followed by a session in the pool and hot tub.

Then when Meld had joined us, it was time for a proper breakfast.

Then into the village for some shopping - Meld found the bookstore and Rosie spotted Roots (poor wallet). I spotted an unusual bus for Jules, who's off on a bus running weekend in Worthing.

Having returned to the hotel to change into boots and hiking gear, we ascended Whistler Mountain by the gondola - the longest gondola run in the world (at 10km round trip) apparently.

The hiking trails up top were affected by lingering snow - Bridget and I persevered

Then we descended to Harmony Lake - spectacular scenery (but you had to climb back up)

On the way we saw one of the whistling marmots after which the mountain is named.

In order to protect the environment, this is a very carefully managed wilderness, and the trails are clear and often man-made. But it keeps most people on the straight and narrow.

Back by the gondola station, the cloud had lifted

and we descended. A quick rest. a drive up the highway to see the views (and a train that we couldn't catch for Jules), back for a swim, excellent dinner, now we're ready for our beds!