Day 17 - Victoria to Vancouver

And so, the morning dawns: our last together. Packing - for two groups going in separate directions - "will I wear this in Vancouver?". Car loaded (and how!) Bridget, who'd been under the weather and not come to the beach yesterday, made a brief first and last visit; the sun was making the sand steam.

And then, the thanks and farewells, the group photo, and into the car.

Back to Schwartz Bay for the ferry (late, of course, because we were "in good time"). But we had a pleasant crossing.

After a brief mail drop at Trish's, we drove past the airport, with a view to dropping Meld, Rosie and Bridget at their downtown hotel. But the traffic was heavy, so we turned back to the airport whence they took a cab. On the way we saw a trolley bus - I don't remember seeing one since the 60s in the UK.

Then, another hectic farewell

Jean and I then went to check in - massive queues ("computer failure") - over 1.5 hours. So straight through to pay the $15 required to be allowed out of YVR airport, and through to the gate. A brief wait, then boarding. We have a window seat, and the view of the setting sun over the neighbouring aircraft.

And then off - drinks, food, sleep, food, descent into Heathrow. We're early. No delays. Home by 3pm.

Grey and drizzly; quiet and lonely. Resisting the urge to sleep sooner rather than later. A fantastic trip is over (for me) except in the memories...