Day 16 - In and around Victoria #4

Well, this was a day that didn't follow the original script, but turned into a lovely leisurely day shared with Muriel and Peter - just right for our last full day with them.

After breakfast, we strolled to the beach (all of 100 yards!) in the bright sunshine.

Though off the beach, the bank of fog was much as yesterday - just the top of the mountains opposite peeping out!

So it was off with the shoes for a paddle in the chilly water.

Trying out the zoom on my new camera, I found a gull who'd been fishing.

After eating our picnic in the garden (why go to the beach when the fog keeps rolling in?) we went up the road to Matticks Farm - a collection of small craft-type shops. Too many nice things to look at at buy!

And a display of candles to try out the colour response...

Then a game of mini golf while the "seniors" took tea. I think Meld won - well she took it seriously. Rosie doesn't know the different between a golf club and a hockey stick, and Bridget and I were simply mediocre!

Back to pick up Peter, then it's off to Elk and Beaver Lakes for a walk before dinner. Here we saw the only Orca of our trip, albeit an inflatable one!

The lake itself was beautiful

As was the walking through the woods around the edge.

Then, quick change, downtown, meet up with Alex, Ian and Sally for dinner at a very pleasant restaurant (except that Granny's pork chop was overcooked, and its replacement turned up when the rest of us had finished).

Then back to Ian and Sally's for tea and coffee, and to meet their two cats. Bridget found a friend as soon as she walked in the door!

And it was clear who ruled the roost in this house!

And so to bed...