Day 14 - In and around Victoria #2

Today we went for a "beach day" at East Sooke park, at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island. Across a calm sea we could see the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, and big container ships heading out from Vancouver, Victoria or Seattle.

We all gathered for a picnic lunch in the shade of the trees - the sun was welcome but fierce!!

After lunch the group split on gender lines, with the males opting for a brisk hike along the coast path to Beechey Head, while the females stayed on the beach. Here Ian is coming through the arbutus trees with their peeling bark and spectacular colours.

At Beechey Head we stopped to rest and take the view.

On the return trip we enjoyed more beautiful views.

When we got back, the girls braved the icy Pacific waters - this is about as far as Bridge got, but Rosie swam. The locals declined to put more than a toe in the water!

After cleaning up, we all went to Romeo's for a pizza supper, where Sally joined us.