Day 12 - Tsawwassen to Victoria

Today we had to make a prompt start to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island. But, having been out at Trish's laast evening, we hadn't seen anything of Boundary Bay, next to our motel, so I got up early and "walked the dyke". This runs round the nature reserve of salt marshes facing the bay (which itself is inshore of the Point Roberts spit). There was lots of bird life around, and the beach was covered in washed-up lumber.

So then it was back to the motel, pack and off to the ferry terminal, at the end of a causeway. From here we could see the even longer causeway down which the trains run to the coal port and container port - the origin or destination of many of the trains we've seen.

Our ferry departed on time, and we enjoyed a scenic crossing through the gulf islands to Schwartz Bay.

After lunch with Muriel & Peter, we all piled into the car for a tour of Victoria. We first climbed Mount Douglas, from where you get a splendid view over the southern part of the island.

We then followed the scenic route around the coast, stopping at Cattle Point, where they used to shove cattle off paddle steamers and make them swim ashore, where the cowboys rounded them up.

Our next stop was near the city centre - first of all we inspected the totem poles at Thunderbird Park.

Then down to the bustling harbour, where we took a ride on the ferry down the harbour.

Looking back, we got an excellent view of the Empress Hotel.

The was lots of activity, including whale watching boats of all shapes and sizes, and floatplanes coming and going.

We walked back around the harbour, stopping for the mandatory pose in front of the Provincial Parliament building.

Victoria is famed for being very "British", an impression enhanced by the use of imported British buses. (I'm sure Julian will tell us the model and age of this one)

And so, back to Muriel & Peter's for dinner, conversation and planning.