Contrary to all previous experience, we left Ropley on time and had a swift journey to Heathrow, and an easy transfer to Terminal 3.  Check in was smooth enough, but they didn't like the cleaning rod for my flute, which had to be transferred to hold luggage. Then, duty free bought, we went and waited - and waited - and waited.

Eventually the plane left - three hours late, and a queue for takeoff. It transpired that an actuator on the rudder had failed and needed replacing.

There wasn't a lot to see through the cloud, but we got a glimpse of Iceland. Later we had interesting views of the tundra of the North West Territory.

We later got tiny glimpses of the Rockies, then better views of the Okanagan and the run into Vancouver. A smooth landing then a long wait for immigration control (we chose the only queue with one server rather than two). Bridge was sick! Then we picked up our car (even though the assistant thought our choice of a station wagon was "uncool" and wanted us to have a big 4x4.

Rosie got this shot off the side of Lions Gate bridge as we crossed the Burrard inlet.

Then, as the light failed we headed up Highway 99 to Whistler, tracked down the hotel, nipped out for a pizza (I was too tired to understand the instructions on the phone, so we couldn't organise a delivered pizza). And then, after a 25 hour day, we all collapsed into bed. Goodnight!!!