Saturday's Update

Well, because of the snow yesterday, Mike (next door) had to work late, and so we didn't go out for a late drink. Probably just as well.

This morning we headed off to Kingston, 50 miles away, for sightseeing, shopping, and to let Martin visit the hospital where he Mum was looked after. On the way in we stopped at Fort Henry, an old fort with excellent views over the Royal Military College, Kingston.

Then into Kingston itself. Very good looking university buildings, but impossible to photograph while you're driving. We shopped, drank coffee in a bookshop (one of several), then stopped at the quay before heading for a mall and lunch. This is the city hall from the quay.

On the way back from Kingston we took the 1000 Island Parkway, following the St Lawrence, with views over the many lakes therein.

Back in Brockville, we went to Mass and stopped for a brief pint of Keith's. Martin is now cooking, and I must go and pack. Off to Niagara tomorrow, if they let us into the USA, via New York State.