Friday's Update

We awoke to a covering of snow and more falling. Out early to deliver Martin to the lawyer's, while I explored the city (another way of saying got lost in the back streets). Rejoined Martin for coffee, shopping, more shopping. Back to base for lunch. Then clearing out the basement - 6 more rubbish sacks to join yesterday's, plus a few boxes. The earlier snow had melted, but a new wave returned, making everything prettier.

A last minute discovery of no aluminium foil meant I had to dash out to the shops - an experience with an unfamiliar car on newly fallen snow. Still, I avoided the oncoming snow plough and returned safely. Martin cooked salmon and roast vegetables while I cleared up and took some photos of the house inside.

Now, having consumed a bottle of Ontario Sauvignon Blanc we are both snoozing quietly. There's the promise of a trip to town witht he guy next door - if we're awake enough - when he returns from work at 11!!!