Today started as a working day - clearing out the bedrooms of several year's worth of collected paraphernalia. Some junk, some sentimental, some just day-to-day stuff. Fortunately Canadians have huge black sacks, and we filled 3 of them!

We did stop for brunch, then completed the upstairs task with the bathroom - we've still got to tackle the basement.

This afternoon we walked into town - a couple of miles each way - to shop and look around. We stopped for coffee and a Danish too. We saw several of the sights, including Indian Cliff:

On the way back I collected some pictures of the various styles of house in Brockville. (Well, the more interesting ones, not the modern ones)

Now we're back at Sunset Boulevard, about to cook supper. Another update tomorrow. (For Jules' benefit, I waited for a train as we crossed the railway. None came. Got home. Train went by (for about 5 minutes) out of sight.)