Day 9 - Sunday 15th April 2012

Kikambala, Vipingo and Shanzu

Sunday morning starts early, with 7am Mass. My phone had switched back to UK time, so I was late up, but I could enjoy the singing and the readings from my room! I went over mid-way through and took this from the south door.

Some of the boys remove the remains of the tommeau cover on Joe's truck.

A pair of parishioners asked for a photo.

Then up to Vipingo for 9am Mass. The church filled rapidly after the service started.

The view from the altar, when I was asked to go up and address the congregation.

The exterior of the church in daylight.

Here, the children all gathered for a group photo as we were preparing to leave.

Joe dropped me at Shanzu, where Maggy met me and, after buying sodas, took me to the house where she lives with family friends. Maggy and maryanne had decided they would teach me to make chapatis, and that I would document the process. First, take wheat flour.

Add hand-hot water.

Mix to a dough.

Add some coooking oil.

Keep kneading (relief kneader was necessary).

Divide the dough into 4 portions, then roll each out, and spread oil over the surface.

Slice each rolled-out piece into 6 strips...

...and roll them up like a catherine wheel.

Maryanne's mum, suffering from malaria, rested while we worked.

Quality checks.

Maryanne's sister, Martha.

In the kitchem, I rolled each catherine wheel out to fit the frying pan, while Maggy cooked the chapatis over a charcoal fire. Every few chapatis, she put several chapatis in the pan together to finish cooking, then stored them in a hot pot.

Then, after a shower (it was hot work) we ate the chaptis with beans - a well-deserved lunch.

Maggy, Maryanne and I took a matatu to Pirates (Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach) where we went out on a glass bottomed boat.

We hoped our boat didn;t =end up like this.

We eventually persuaded the girls onto the roof to take the view.

It was interesting to see fish and coral through the glass bottom, but water on top of the glass meant it was almost imposible to focus the camera. If you're going to take such a trip, ask to check the captain's bottom first!

Maryanne dangles her feet in the water.

I join in - it wasn't so hard for my feet to reach!

The girls with the captain.

One of several camels on the beach.

We swam - well, we splashed around in water about 2 feet deep, which was very refreshing - then headed back to Shanzu. The view along the busy beach.

The beach approach road.

We went out to dinner; on return, we found the chickens roosting in the porch!

Maps of today's activities.