Day 8 - Saturday 14th April 2012

Kilifi and Kikambala

I had a leisurely start, then Joe took me to Kilifi to see progress at Pwani Secondary School for the Deaf (I was last there 2 years ago). We found a gecko sunning himself.

The 4 classrooms (forms 1 to 4 of Kenya's secondary system, which is 8-4-4 (primary, secondary, tertiary).

The new washrooms being funded by the American military.

The temporary staffroom.

The kitchen

The last boy in the dormintory - term ended the previous day.

Peppers growing in the kitchen garden.

As part of hteir KCSE, students have to run a little vegetable plot - each identified with their details.

A typical scene on the Mombasa-Malindi road (indeed, most road in Kenya) - with matatus veering off the pavement either to pick/drop passengers or just to gain advantage.

After lunch we walked to the beach, passing a sign I thought B would approve of.

It was very windy with sand flying everywhere so I didn't take my camera, but I got some shots on my phone. We walked a long way along the beach, passing several resort hotels which seemed closed down - Whispering Palms burnt down some years ago.

We turned round at Royal Reserve Beach Resort, quite a way down the beach. Having walked into the string wind, it now dropped so we didn;t get assistance on the way back.

Stopping at North Coast for a drinl on the way back, I saw a shot for B, but with only a camera phone it typically took the shot as the horse and rider went behind the ladder!

On the way back, we found camels grazing the hedgerows.

Maggy wanted a picture together before she went home.

Maps of today's activities.