Day 7 - Friday 13th April 2012

In Mivumoni

I was up early - at first light - after the rain on the tin roof woke me - but there was only enough rain to settle the dust, despite the noise!

Lucy was deservedly last up, but soon at work grating coconuts (which her sister Virginia and I had husked) to make breakfast.

I had a go, and my effort was judged good.

The boys take breakfast before school.

The cattle are still in - they are let out mid morning.

Lucy's next chore - firewood for cooking.

After breakfast I walked up to the fields with Michael, where were found a HUGE grasshopper.

Michael and his neighbour were ploughing - they'll plough the neighbour's fields tomorrow.

My turn - didn't start well, but I gradually got the hang of steering the plough (Michael obviously got the hang of my camera more quickly and got some good shots!).

I retired as the professionals moved on to the next field.

I dropped in at the Kifafa (Epilepsy) Clinic. In Joe's time they met in the church, now it's on the grass behind the dispensary, under the shade of some trees.

They shared expereinces in small groups - the clinic is celebrating 10 years of operation today.

Meanwhile, each patient was seen by the medical team.

I went round to Maggy's to show her family yesterday's photos, but the young women were all fetching water. I walked to meet them, and found Maggy looking more like a village girl again.

Back at their homestead, we looked at the picture, then they insisted I took some lunch. We ate under a shelter covered with mivuma leaves.

Back to Lucy's for my proper lunch - people are so hospitable, and it's rude not to accept offered food. Michael, who's been ploughing all morning, obviously needed and deserved it!

Michael showed me around the shamba - passion vines are a new venture. We also saw teh new grain store, which will house chicks beneath when they grow big enough - and the nursery beds (among other things, growing lemon rootstock to graft orange trees onto)

And then it was time to leave - Maggy and her cousing arrivied, and we processed up to the dispensary where we joined Coralis who was driving back to Kikambala.

Lucy and Maggy as we wait for Coralis' meeting to finish.

Back in Kikambala, time for a wash after a hot journey, then all round to Coralis' for supper, a single Tusker at Sea Top club, and home.

Maps of today's activities.