Day 6 - Thursday 12th April 2012

To Mivumoni

An early start - taxi at 7am - then we picked Maggy from Shanzu, struggled through the traffic around Bombolulu, then picked Lucy who had arrived in Mombasa by bus from Eldoret, over the Likoni ferry, dropped some things with Lucy's friend in Likoni, shopped in Ukunda, and 3 hours later reached Mivumoni. The Mbithi family welcomed us with breakfast - and I noticed the broody hens in the corner.

Lucy has many materials to prepare as part of her nursery teaching course, drawn onto empty sacks then over-sewn. Her dad inspects one of them.

Lucy recruited Maggy to help with the sewing...

... then I got a turn.

Dogs, chickens and cats all seem to live in harmony...

Lucy's youngest brother was unwell (malaria) so not at school; by lunchtime he had perked up a bit, under his Mum's care.

After lunch we walked up to the church - through the mivuma trees.

The library that Charlie and Luke built.

The new parish priest has decorated the church.

Lucy and Maggy were happy to be home.

We walked down to Maggy's home - she's not been back since we left together a year ago - and her mum was pleased to see her.

Maggy took the camera to picture Lucy and me.

Maggy's younger sister, Veronica, and her baby Teresia.

As we walked around the shamba, we liked the pale eucalyptus against the blue sky.

Tiny Maggy finds paw paw trees a challenge....

...but here's one made for her!

Cashew nuts and fruit.

The house Maggy's brother is building next to his parent's home.

Me with Maggy's family.

Loving grandparents.

Lucy's turn in the picture.

Fetching water seems to be women's work, and is a sociable affair. As the water levels are low, it's a long way to reach down to fill the jerry cans.

Maggy and her cousin (who's not from the village) have to work together to get the jerry can out. A good chance to tease Maggy that she's a "city girl"!

City girl or not, Maggy still has the strength to carry a full jerrycan supported by a cloth over her head.

I walked back with Lucy as the sun set.

Back at her home, Lucy asked if I wanted a "bath". The bathroom is a metre-square construction with sides about 5 feet high and no roof, and the "bath" is a large bowl of water. After a hot dusty day, it felt so good to get clean - and to have great views at the same time!

Lucy had brought sukuma wiki (kale) from Eldoret especially because I like it, and was soon preparing it (as it's tough it has to be shredded very thin, but it does taste good).

Meanwhile, Lucy's Mum was preparing chapatis in the kitchen - a smoky environment that takes even Lucy several days to adjust to again.

After a fine supper, I captured the whole family - they are rarely all at home together in daylight on a weekday, as some go to school at 06:30.

And so to bed...

Maps of today's activities.