Day 5 - Wednesday 11th April 2012

Maggy visits Kikambala

Maggy, originally from Joe's previous parish of Mivumoni, came to visit today, and Daniel and I took her for a walk along the beach. She likes to get in the photos!

Today the tide was well out, and waders enjoyed the shallow water.

We walked from Sun'n'Sand to North Coast Hotel, where we enjoyed a couple of juices at the bar.

Then we walked back again, in the scorching heat.

Nearly back....

Looking out across the shallow water to the reef.

We visited the dispensary and met many of the staff.

Back at the priest's house, Jackson is preparing food.

Jackson and Maggy.

After we'd escorted Maggy back to the matatu, Daniel and I took tea with Coralis in a pleasantly-breezy evening.

Maps of today's activities.