Day 4 - Tuesday 10th April 2012

School Visits

After a leisurely start to the morning - reading in the shade - Daniel and I walked to the highwy and took a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) to Grandsons of Abraham, a primary school run by the St Joseph's Sisters for street boys from Mombasa. On arrival we were given a tour by the secretary.

These fruits are used to make a drink.

They rescue boys from the streets - some are orphans, others have left homes where they were overburdened or displaced by the arrival of a step-parent, or otherwise chose to leave. The boys receieve help and counselling in Mikindani before transferring to the school here.

They are planning to take girls too, and this is the girls dormitory, partially completed.

On the left are 4 classrooms, built to take a further 4 on top in the future. On the right is the dining hall and kitchen.

They have a shamba - this is the chicken house and cow shed - to supply some of their food, but also to help the children learn about agriculture.

The old dining hall.

They will have to be "grandchildren" when the girls join!

The dormitories, with bays of 8 bunk beds and interior sanitation, are much better than the homes that many of these children would have come from. They don't pamper the kids, but believe that you have to cover the basic needs (food, accommodation, clothing etc) to create an environment in which they can learn effectively and aspire to a better life.

We were taken in to the dining hall where the boys were taking tea and bread, and several boys gave an impromptu rendition of songs and poems. I was amazed at how confident they were, and talking to them they all seemed really happy at school. We then went outside for a display of acrobatics (which I video-ed).

Back at the church, I checked on progress with the priest's house. Every day it has visibly changed.

Joe and I then headed to Mtwapa Primary School, where they were having a sports day at which the Kilifi School for the Deaf were represented. It was hot, and even the locals sought shade.

Because some of the runners ave impaired hearing, the starter must be visible as well as audible.

Not sure I fancy running in bare feet on rough ground.

The field events seemed to consist a huddle from which a javelin or discus emerged - it wasn't configured for onlookers!

Many of the girls ran in skirts - an additional challenge!

Joe chatted to the youngsters on the sidelines.

The participants gave it their all.

The school's slogans and principles.

Joe and I headed in to Mtwapa town for a cup of tea at the church, where we were welcomed by two of Joe's fellow priests.

We then headed to Moorings, a floating batr/restaurant on Mtwapa creek, for the local Rotary Club meeting - Joe is considering joining this club as it is much closer to Kikambala than Diani. We then took a Tusker and watched the sun set over the creek.

Joe, happy and relaxed

Then, back to Joe's place in Shanzu for supper, a couple of beers at Kenda's with Fr Henry, then home to bed.

Maps of today's activities.