Day 3 - Monday 9th April 2012

Around Kikambala

We emerged to find the church grounds full of young people, clearing up for next Saturday's wedding (a constructive use of a public holiday!).

Emily rakes the dead leaves from the "grass".

The lads cut the grass with "slashers".

Remving rogue rocks - either for path edgings or for the foundations of the new house.

The builders fill the oversite with rocks - some found on site, others brought in.

Wheel barrow with broken wheel has to be carried!

Joe discusses progress with the Clerk of Works.

I had a go at raking - I was OK at raking, but didn't quite get the hang of working slowly in the heat!

Another load of rocks arrive.

I went and sat with the girls preparing the ritual dances for the wedding - and was again caught on my own camera.

Daniel prepares rice for lunch.

As Daniel and I head out for a walk, Joe takes a well-deserved nap after lunch.

We headed to the Sun'n'Sand Hotel at the end of the road.

After a juice in the bar, we walked along the beach, seeing this more traditional building.

We decided we'd get round this headland without getting too wet.

The next stretch of beach, by Blue Sky Hotel.

At the far end, Daniel sits in the shade where the rock is undercut.

OK, while we walked the tide came in, and our return around the headland was a bit more challenging! But we kept everything dry except our shorts!

Despite all the seaweed, it's a lovely stretch of beach.

One of th emany pools at Sun'n'Sand.

A fine fan.

Leaving the hotel, we stopped to talked to Mma Chege, one of the parishioners who has been in hospital. She made us very welcome with tea and omlettes then eggs and pawpaws to take home, and we chatted for ages. It was completely dark when we emerged.

After supper we headed back to a little pub, Sweet Waters, near Sun'n'Sand, for a single beer. Walking back in the moonlight was very tranquil - and as we'd only taken a single Tusker we didn't disrupt the tranquility!

Maps of today's activities.