Day 2 - Sunday 8th April 2012

Kikambala, Mtwapa and Shanzu

After 2 Vigil masses, I didn't rush to the morning Mass (I could hear the singing from the shower!). When I did walk over, the church was full, with people sitting outside.

Cheer up, baby!

All the little ones wanted their photos taken.

Inside the church, after the crush had cleared, from one side...

...and from the back (it's a T-shaped church).

The choir return from Sun'n'Sand Hotel, where Joe jas celebrated another Mass.

As we head out for lunch, the choir are sitting in the shade practising for a wedding.

We went to a parishioner's house for lunch; Joe sang Baa Baa Black Sheep with the matriarch's great granddaughter.

The old lady with some of the other ladies.

The covered but wall-less "room" was very pleasant, and we ate, chatted and snoozed.

The matriarch has divided her land between her children, one of whom has built this fine house.

Guinea Fowl (Kanga - after which the colourful cloths are named)

Mr Cock struts his stuff.

Back to Joe's place at Shanzu for a family meal. The cooking was underway.

The younger nephews and nieces love Joe's truck.

Joe's uncle and his eldest sister.

Some of Joe's brothers

Joe's brother Martin with their parents, who are staying in Shanzu for a while.

One of Joe's sisters-in-law, Eunice.

Joe's brother Robert and his wife Sarah.

We left fairly early - but stopped at Kenda's on the way back to Kikambala - so it was another late night!

Maps of today's activities.