Day 13 - Thursday 19th April 2012

Kikambala and Home

My last day - and chance to inspect the building work in daylight. They've made good progress since we left, just 3 days previously.

It was a leisurely morning - packing, strolling up to the main road to meet Maggy from the matatu, and relaxing around the house.

After lunch, we walked down to Sun'n'Sand and then along the beach to North Coast for a drink. The beach was breezy, and deserted.

Maggy's hair tries to overtake her.

Even deserted, Sun'n'Sand looks enticing.

Then it was time to leave. A car collected Maggy, Daniel and me and took us to the airport, where we said our farewells. Kwaherini marafiki!!

Maps of today's activities.

Walking around Kikambala

The drive to the airport

Flights home